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03/04/2024 12:50:21 - Gordon, E-mail address is hidden

Dear Bruce
A marvelous tribute to Python, Monty.
I especially like that you went to the trouble to record all the sounds and upload to YouTube for my viewing pleasure.
You are also a very naughty boy, a bad influence, making me buy so much stuff on eBay.
You deserve a shrubbery!
Kind regards

Reply: Thanks, always happy to assist Monty Python fans.

22/10/2023 06:54:44 - Bo, E-mail address is hidden

I love my Mr Creosote Sauce Dispenser. It was perfectly packaged and is sitting on display in my home giving me a smile each time I look up at it!

Thank you!!!

Reply: Hello. Glad you like it. Fun thing to own. :-) . From time to time I usually sit in front of my Monty Python collection with a cup of coffee or a Holy Grail with a big smile. My Mr Creosote Sauce Dispenser is next to the other variant of Mr Creosote vomit.

11/04/2023 09:50:22 - Oliver, E-mail address is hidden

Hey. Eine wirklich sehr schöne Monty Python Tribute-Seite hast du hier. Ich hoffe, dass die 40th Anniversary-Box einen guten Beitrag zur Seite leisten kann! Alles Gute aus Deutschland.

09/03/2023 03:19:55 - Yovanka Ilic , E-mail address is hidden

Kent-Mikael Edoff has been a wonderful help in purchasing a memorable gift for a special Monty Python fan in my life. He is a very informed and dedicated collector. His communication was always efficient and kind. I was delighted with the care he took in packaging my item. It was meticulously wrapped and delivered in perfect condition. Thank you so much!

13/04/2021 08:03:35 - Jeremy Duxbury, E-mail address is hidden,

Hej Kent,
Top drawer!
Well done, a lot of time and effort has gone into this and Jorvik Estates is happy to be whatever small bit of help we can be to assist your endeavours - keep up the great work!

25/09/2018 21:05:34 - Tore Edoff , E-mail address is hidden

Ska kolla igenom din hemsida lite. Ha en trevlig dag :)

15/08/2011 16:04:49 - Pontus Roback, E-mail address is hidden

Hej Kent-Mikael!
Tack så mycket för fina bilder på gammelgammelmormors far, mor och syskon samt för det väldigt intressanta släktträdet, som har hjälp mig mycket i mitt släktforskande.
MVH Pontus Roback
(Anna Karolina Edoffs barnbarns barnbarn)

22/10/2010 00:09:40 - Sunny Swenson, E-mail address is hidden

Thank you for sending this although I don't understand Swedish. I will keep in touch more often!

18/08/2010 17:14:58 - Jens, E-mail address is hidden

Hallå Edoff!
Hemsidan ser kanon ut,ha de/Jens

18/08/2010 10:26:16 - Ulf Thörn, E-mail address is hidden

Det verkar som om du vet hur man gör en hemsida - det gör inte jag. Med lite hlälp från dig & Björne kommer jag säkert igång någon gång i framtiden.
Lycka till med allt!

17/08/2010 22:52:33 - Sophie & Thomas,

Tjenare Edoff!

Vilket bra initiativ :)

Verkligen snygg hemsida redan nu och det skall bli kul att få följa utvecklingen.

Hälsningar från oss i Lund 8-)

Sophie & Thomas

11/08/2010 18:12:57 - sten-åke, E-mail address is hidden

den kommer nog att bli toppen när allt bli klart mvh m71 )